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Merry Christmas, Isabel and Jude!

It’s holiday card season! Sending and receiving cards is one of my favorite holiday traditions. I get so excited to check my mailbox every day in December to see so many smiling faces. While I’m hard at work, trying to get sessions edited and out to my clients ASAP so they can spread the cheer, I still want to share a few warm and fuzzy shots here with all of you.

It was fantastic to see Isabel and Jude for a quick holiday session this past weekend. Their puppy pal, Rosie, also did a great job mugging for my camera. I already can’t wait to see this family again when the weather warms up for some family shots! Hope you have a Merry Christmas, Molly, John, Isabel, and Jude!



Everyday stresses get in the way of appreciation sometimes. Work gets overwhelming, the baby is up all night, the dog pukes all over the floor, you live in the car racing from one commitment to another, you gain 10 pounds, laundry and dishes pile up…it’s all just so much. It’s so easy to lose perspective. That’s why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Because it provides a deep breath and a chance to realize that although a bunch of little things might go wrong every day, the big things that count are all going right.  

Once upon a time, not too long ago, our life suddenly fell apart. Mike and I were dealt a blow that we couldn’t fix…that wasn’t in our control…and we lost a precious piece of our hearts forever. As we worked through our insurmountable grief and adjusted to a new normal, I remember saying “won’t it be great when the only things stressing us out are the NORMAL things.”  

This Thanksgiving, I am blessed to be stressing about the clutter and the chaos. The normal things. I am blessed to have a husband who is a true partner on this crazy ride, my best friend who I love more than anyone. We are blessed with two amazing, healthy, happy, joyful daughters here on Earth, and we are blessed with our angel, Hannah, who guides us every day. We are blessed with our crazy old dog who makes our house a home, our loving and supportive parents and siblings, sweet nieces and nephews, and dear friends. I get to work my dream job, and I love the life we have built together.  

“Perfect” is a mindset. There is always going to be noise that drowns out what really matters.  I’m looking forward to turning off that noise tomorrow, and focusing on the most important things. I hope you and your “most important things” have a lovely, peaceful Thanksgiving.

Celeste M Soares - November 29, 2018 - 6:55 am

Beautifully said.

Ellie, Quinn, and Ruby

I knew before I even knocked on their front door this past Saturday that I was going to love this family. When one of my all-time favorite clients introduced us, she mentioned her friends Jen and Jeff have two adorable little girls, and that their dog, Ruby, was best friends with her late dog, Scout. Now, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for a dynamic sister duo, since I’m half of one myself and am raising another set at home. And any friend of Scout’s (she was seriously the best!) is an insta-friend of mine. But I have to say…this family blew away every high expectation I had. Ellie and Quinn are the best! I don’t think we stopped laughing for the entire hour we were together. I couldn’t get enough of their adorable poses and cute photo ideas. And don’t get my started about Ruby. I can see why she and Scoutie got along so well. Jen and Jeff, thanks so much for having me over! It was wonderful to meet you all, and I absolutely love these pictures of your beautiful family. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Lincoln is ONE!


I can’t believe that the littlest member of this family just turned ONE! It has been such an honor to capture his milestones during his first year, just as I did with his big brother and sister. I love watching this family grow and change. Happy Birthday, little Lincoln! And thanks so much for all of the lovely art, Hadley and Paxton! It makes me smile every time I pass my fridge. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Hollye and Mike…thanks again for a great time.