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Jayhan and Layleh

After having to reschedule our session four times because of rain in September, I was so excited to finally have a nice day for photos with Jayhan, Layleh, Farah, and Praveen! It worked out that Praveen’s parents were visiting that weekend, and I am so glad I could capture some sweet photos that included them. We took a stroll around The University of Chicago’s main quad on a lovely fall day, and shared a lot of laughs. The kids were top models, as usual, as was their pup, Biscuit, who absolutely wanted to be the star of the show. I just love how these photos turned out…thanks for sticking with me through the rain, Farah and Praveen! It was terrific to see you all again.


Tyler and Ben

It’s always a great time with Tyler and Ben! I can’t get over how big they have both grown since last year’s photo session. We had a gorgeous fall day to catch up at Independence Grove a few weekends ago. I love hearing about their ultimate ninja activities and how camp was this summer. Thanks for meeting me, Laura and Andy! I always have so much fun with you four.


Grace and Kaitlyn

LOVE THESE LITTLE SISTERS! I admittedly have a soft spot for photographing little sisters…since I have a sister and two little girls, myself. So imagine my delight when it just so happened I had a second set of sisters hang out with me last Monday! Not to mention they were Grace and Kaitlyn, two of the cutest, most fun kiddos I know. We had a gorgeous evening for photos last week at Half Day Forest Preserve. Perfect temp, perfect light, and Grace and Kaitlyn were all smiles, laughs, and cuddles. Their pup, Louie, was also a top model. We had such a great time together. Thanks so much for spending some time with me, Tracey and Jacob! I just love your family!


Jaelyn and Ariana

I was so excited to see my little friends, Jaelyn and Ariana, last week when they stopped by my studio for some fun holiday photos. They have both grown so big over the past year, and I got such a kick out of them. Thanks for coming by, Jenn and Rashad! It was wonderful to catch up with you all.


Family Reunion at St. James Farm Forest Preserve

It’s always special when the whole extended family gets together for photos. I’ve been taking pictures for Hollye and Mike since their oldest, Hadley, was a newborn, so I was thrilled to meet more of their wonderful family. It was a gift for Mike’s parents, and his brother and sister and her family joined us. The little cousins were adorable together, and despite the freezing temperature and wind, everyone did a great job snuggling close and smiling. St. James Farm Forest Preserve is a gorgeous backdrop…perfect for this awesome family. Thanks so much for sticking it out with me Dan, Julie, Jen, Terry, Danny, Mike, Hollye, Hadley, Paxton, Lincoln, and Dan!