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Finn, Lourdes, and Sabinne

What a fun session! I had the best time with these three when they came to visit my studio last week. We had so many laughs and they were great spots with all of my posing ideas. It was the day after the big Halloween snow storm, and it was gorgeous outside. So, after Finn, Lourdes, and Sabinne rocked their photos indoors, I couldn’t resist taking just a few more shots outside to capture the fall color mixed with the snow. Sometimes opportunities present themselves just at the right time…gorgeous light and this beautiful tree branch, bowed heavy with snow, in just the right spot. It would be tall and leafless just a few hours after we snapped these. Thanks for coming out to my studio, you guys!


Louie and Vivian

It was another unseasonably cold day, threatening rain, when I was supposed to take photos of Louie and Vivian. So their mom, Cherry, and I came up with a great plan: start indoors at home where everyone is cozy and comfortable, and then move outside if the weather permits. I always love that plan. It allows for a lot of variety, and kiddos are always most comfortable taking pictures close to home. Louie and Vivian were great models, and Louie did a terrific job of trying to get his shy little sister to smile for me. Thanks so much for having me over, Cherry and Jose! Your family is so much fun!


Brayden and Hudson

On this snowy Halloween day, let’s remember back when it was fall…last week! (I just give up with the crazy weather this year!) I had such a fun session with Brayden and Hudson. These 4 year-old twins are the cutest, not to mention top models. They were happy to run, throw leaves, show me their swing-set, and pose with their parents and adorable dog, Bruce. My favorite moment of the session was when I set up a shot where the parents walk happily in the background while the kiddos run ahead. Brayden was so upset that his parents didn’t chase them. Laurie and Matt, you are great sports, and that turned out to be one of my favorite shots of the whole night! I just love these pictures, and hope you enjoy them! Thanks for a wonderful time.


Tyler and Piper

It was chilly, dark, and pouring down rain on the morning that I was supposed to take photos for our dear friends Jaimee and Chris, Tyler and Piper. The photos were time sensitive this year, as we wanted to include Chris’s parents, who were wrapping up a visit from Australia. Luckily, Jaimee and Chris’s house has a huge, gorgeous front porch, which allowed us to still shoot outside and capture some dreamy fall colors in the background without getting wet. And, of course, Tyler and Piper brought the sunshine! They are SUCH stars. I can’t get enough of Piper, with her little top model poses and dimples. And even Mr. T couldn’t help but give me his best laughing-smiles. I just love this family so much.  I’ve gotten to know Granny and Grandad during their visits, and will miss them once they head home. Thanks for having me over to capture these sweet memories for you!

Jayhan and Layleh

After having to reschedule our session four times because of rain in September, I was so excited to finally have a nice day for photos with Jayhan, Layleh, Farah, and Praveen! It worked out that Praveen’s parents were visiting that weekend, and I am so glad I could capture some sweet photos that included them. We took a stroll around The University of Chicago’s main quad on a lovely fall day, and shared a lot of laughs. The kids were top models, as usual, as was their pup, Biscuit, who absolutely wanted to be the star of the show. I just love how these photos turned out…thanks for sticking with me through the rain, Farah and Praveen! It was terrific to see you all again.