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Connor and Millie

FINALLY! A photo session without the threat of rain! We had a gorgeous early evening for photos last Friday. I was so excited when Heidi reached out about a weeknight mini session for her adorable family. It has been a few years since I first met Connor and Millie, and they have grown and changed SO MUCH! As you can see, we shared a lot of laughs and had a ton of fun together. A big thanks to the Wilmette Harbor Club for letting us shoot on their sweet property. It was absolutely the perfect backdrop for this beautiful family. Thanks again for a great time Heidi, Matt, Connor, and Millie!

Ryder in Lincoln Park

I had the best time getting to know this sweet family last Saturday as we wandered around Lincoln Park together. Ryder was an absolute top model, and I couldn’t get enough of his smiles! He showed off his walking skills, smelled some flowers, snuggled with mommy and daddy…it was all just too adorable. We wrapped our session in a very special place…on a bench that is dedicated to Ryder’s sister, who passed away when she was 10 days old. I feel such a deep conection with Nirali and Dax, and was so honored to be able to capture these happy photos for them. Thanks so much for hanging out with me, you guys!



Eleanor, Lila, and Cricket in Lincoln Park

These guys! Amid all the rain we have had lately, Eleanor, Lila, Sarah, Eric, their adorable pup, Cricket, and I lucked out with a gorgeous morning to hang out together in Lincoln Park last Saturday. It’s always a pleasure to see this family, and I know I say it every year, but I can’t believe how much the girls have grown since last year! Eleanor, you’re just about as tall as I am now, and Lila, you’re not far off! I guess I’ll bring my step-stool for next year’s pics. I love Eleanor’s new haircut, and all of Lila’s sassy poses and willingness to model. They did a lovely job (you too, Cricket!), as always, and I loved catching up with everyone. Thanks again for another great time, Sarah and Eric!



Baby Zaya

I love this family so much! They were lovely, inside and out. Eliza, Shahin, and I spent our entire session in my studio last week ohhhhhing and ahhhhhhhing over baby Zaya…and can you blame us? She’s such a beauty, and a total top model. Check out those smiles! I just couldn’t get enough of her sweetness, and loved capturing the joy and wonder of her parents when they snuggled her. Thanks so much for stopping by, Eliza and Shahin! Congratulations again on your new addition. It was wonderful to meet you three.


Rose and Charlie

It’s Rose and Charlie time! We had the best day to explore Independence Grove together a few weekends ago. And look at those smiles! Charlie and Rose…you rock! We had a lot of laughs as we ran and played and goofed around together. I love this family! It was great to catch up with you Elizabeth and Jim…thanks for a wonderful time.