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Six Years

In a perfect world, our middle daughter, Hannah Felicity, would be turning 6 today. We would be celebrating her birthday instead of the always devastating anniversary of the day she suddenly left us before she even had the chance to officially join us. But I think we all know now this isn’t a perfect world.

This anniversary is a strange one, because the familiar feelings of dread and sadness over losing Hannah are mixing with all of the depression and anger that is 2020 in general. The thing that’s most striking, that makes me cringe, is that as unbelievable and demoralizing as 2020 as been for so many reasons…it’s not the worst year we personally have had. Six years ago, we were rocked to our core and forever changed. While I hate today with all it’s PTSD, and can’t wait until it’s over once again, I’m grateful for the tragically-earned perspective that comes with being Hannah’s parents. Despite the sadness that will never go away, I’m so glad she’s my daughter.

Hannah is a forever part of me, reminding me to never take for granted the preciousness of health and life.

We love you, darling Hannah. Today and always.