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Emmy, Claire, and Maeve

I was SO excited to photograph this adorable family. It’s been fun getting to know Erin, Mark, Emmy, Claire, and Maeve over the past three years. We met shortly after our move to our new neighborhood when my Eloise and Emmy were in preschool together. My baby, Mae, was only three months old, Claire was a tot, and Erin was expecting Maeve. It’s so trippy to see Emmy as a confident 2nd grader now, and I’m thrilled to bump into Erin back at the same preschool, only now we are dropping off the younger three! The day of our scheduled shoot was sunny and bright…until an hour before we were supposed to meet at Independence Grove. After consulting three different weather aps, we decided to take a gamble, bump the session up a little bit and cross our fingers the rain would hold off. And, for once, IT ACTUALLY DID! It started spitting during our last few shots, and was a full-blown downpour before I made it back home. PHEW! You guys rock! Thanks for taking the chance with me…that was a blast!