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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Rain, rain…GO AWAY!

  I’m. Grumpy. I’ve got nothin’ but another rainy day and another rescheduled shoot. My kid’s got a bloody, fat lip after a playtime accident last night, and the wall near my patio got tagged yet again by delinquent neighborhood high schoolers. I’m tired of waiting for summer to finally arrive. Tired of my husband’s ridiculous commute […]

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Ori, Tali, and Arielle explore Lincoln Park

With Tali’s big 3rd birthday party complete, it was time for some updated family portraits! This year, Judith opted for an extended family session…so special. I had a blast hanging out with Mr. Ori, Miss Tali, and their sweet cousin, Miss Arielle, along with the rest of the gang, on a lovely morning in Lincoln […]

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The Threenager Strikes Back

  I learned a new word recently. “Threenager.” It’s a funny (if you aren’t trying to raise one), eerily accurate word to describe a three-year-old who suddenly possesses all of the nasty mood swings, stubborn, know-it-all attitude, and volatile temper of a full-fledged teen member of the entitlement generation. We completely skipped the terrible twos, […]

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Mom - June 5, 2015 - 2:16 pm

I went through this “special time” with you and your sister, Jenny, and lived to talk about it. So hang in there, Honey. Some day, you will be telling Eloise all about this when she is going through the same thing with her kiddos. It is a right of passage. I love being a part of your lives, and I hope I can always be of some help 🙂