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Ori, Tali, and Arielle explore Lincoln Park

Ori,-Tali,-Ariel-1With Tali’s big 3rd birthday party complete, it was time for some updated family portraits! This year, Judith opted for an extended family session…so special. I had a blast hanging out with Mr. Ori, Miss Tali, and their sweet cousin, Miss Arielle, along with the rest of the gang, on a lovely morning in Lincoln Park last weekend. Thanks for a wonderful time Judith, John, Ori, Tali, Rachel, Aaron, Arielle, Grandma Jan, and Bobby!

Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (2)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (3)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (4)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (5)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (6)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (7)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (8)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (9)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (10)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (11)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (12)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (13)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (14)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (15)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (16)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (17)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (18)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (19)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (20)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (21)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (22)Ori,-Tali,-Arielle-1 (23)