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Taking Leave


So, I’m officially on maternity leave. What does that mean, exactly, for a small business owner? Read: I’m done shooting for the next two months. But I will be finishing up last-minute editing before baby arrives in the next few weeks, and will continue to blog, answer emails, and schedule sessions once she is here. So, please don’t hesitate to reach out…I’m here and happy to help if you need me. Assuming everything is normal and healthy for me and the littlest sister, I plan to be back behind the camera full time May 1. Prices and package details will remain the same for 2016. There’s only one change for this year, and it’s a scheduling one. My weekday availability will be extremely limited, and I will be shooting mostly on Saturdays and Sundays in order for me to maximize time with my little ones while they are still little. My calendar will book slightly faster because of this change, so if you are interested in a summer session, please let me know. I’ll be booking dates through the end of July, and can take notes for any session requests beyond that.

So, how am I feeling about all of this? Relieved. This is the first of my three pregnancies that I haven’t had to reschedule a single session because of extreme symptoms, an early arrival, or health scares. That’s definitely a huge load off my mind. And now…it’s the waiting game. The littlest sister had her 36 week check-up yesterday and is looking happy and healthy. She’s definitely getting ready to make her debut, and Mike and I are both very cognoscente that big sister Eloise arrived at 36+5. So even though we hope we can get through one more week, into full term territory, we are prepared, just in case. Our bag is packed, her clothes are washed, and despite an abundance of nerves, we are all so excited. I’ll definitely post baby news to the blog once the time comes, so stay tuned. And many, many thanks for all of the supportive emails and texts that have been coming in over the past few weeks. This is definitely a difficult time for me, and I appreciate the positive thoughts and prayers so much. You guys are the best.