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So Thankful

Mike and I had a wonderful First Thanksgiving with Eloise last week. She rocked the 6 hour drive home to Ohio like a superstar traveler. Honestly, Ellie did better than Dorey, poor car-sick dog. It was amazing for me to share the traditions my sister and I have known and loved since we were little girls with my daughter this year. We watched the Macy’s parade before gathering around the table to talk, laugh and overeat. Thanksgiving at my parents’ house is always such a low-key, relaxing, peaceful, happy holiday. My favorite. Always has been. It’s also Soares family tradition to put up our Christmas tree Thanksgiving Day afternoon. Ellie was fascinated by the lights and ornaments…so, so, so special to see.  Last weekend was the perfect way to kick off the holiday season, and I already can’t wait for more family time in just another month.