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Catching up with old friends

Mike and I only get back to Ohio twice a year, most years, to celebrate the holidays with our families. The length of time that we are able to stay in town varies, and normally our schedule is so tightly packed with fun family events that we rarely have the chance to catch up with old friends who are in town visiting their families, too. This Thanksgiving, though, Mike and I were thrilled to be able to catch up with our old friend (that sounded worse than I meant it!), Nathan, his beautiful wife, Jackie, and their hilarious, adorable¬†little boy, Dominic. Nate and I go way back. We went to kindergarten-high school together and I can’t really remember a time when we weren’t friends. It’s the general consensus in my family that Jackie is the very best thing to ever have happened to Nate and every time we get together and have the chance to get to know her even better, the more excited we are for him…and for us, too, to have a great “new” friend. And Dominic! We were floored by how big he has gotten since the last time we saw him. This year was particularly special as Nate and Jackie are expecting their second child. That definitely calls for a photo shoot, in my mind! Congratulations again on your impending arrival, Nate and Jackie! We are so excited to meet new baby K. in another few months. It goes without saying that it was great to catch up, and we really do need to find a way to do so more frequently.