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What a pro little Emma is! It was already approaching 90 degrees at 8AM last Wednesday morning when we met in Lincoln Park for photos. It. Was. Steamy. But that didn’t stop Emma from giving us her best smiles and rocking her photo shoot. Love those little toothies! It was great to see you again Monica and Kelly. Thanks for braving the heatwave with us!

Introducing Davis!

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Grant grow up over the past few years and have gotten to know this family very well. So it’s a huge understatement to say I was thrilled to meet their newest addition last week. Grant is now a big brother to adorable little Davis! So adorable. Congratulations again, Erica and Todd. Davis is the perfect addition to your wonderful family and I can’t wait to watch him grow up, too!

Kaitlyn and Company

When we met Kaitlyn, her parents and her grandparents out at North Pond last Sunday early afternoon it was bright and hot and steamy. We had no sooner wrapped our session together when the sky clouded over, the wind picked up to a scary degree and the rain started falling. Hard. Phew! Just snuck that one in! Kaitlyn is always a very smiley kid and Mike and I always have a blast hanging out with her. We loved getting to include Josh’s parents in the session this time…so special! It was great to see you Meredith, Josh, Kaitlyn, Ellen and Robert. Hope you made it out of the park before that crazy storm hit!


Charlie and John

How much fun was it to meet another Jen and Mike? Especially when they had two amazing, smiley kids, Charlie and John. We met last Sunday in Crow Island Woods in Winnetka…what a beautiful place! Luckily we avoided most of the heat that morning and had a fantastic time. Thanks for spending the morning with us, Jen and Mike! It was great to meet you four.


Little Lucy had a great time in Olive Park last Saturday morning, especially when she discovered a drinking fountain. We used it to splash around in the water, play hide-and-seek and practice our “standing on tip-toes” skills. Thanks for braving the heat with us, Katie and Jeff! It was great meeting you three.