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For Whom the [School] Bell Tolls


This week, as I sat in “New Parent Orientation” at the school Eloise will start attending this Fall, it became ever-more apparent that our first baby has morphed into a Big Girl. How did this happen? Wasn’t I the little student at a very similar school just a hot second ago? How was I suddenly sitting there, taking notes about drop-off and pick-up routines, hot lunches, field trips, and school supplies FOR MY DAUGHTER? It feels like she was sleeping in a crib and being spoon fed pureed fruit, like, a week ago, and now I’m expected to leave her in someone else’s care for several hours a week to have a life that doesn’t include me? Aren’t we both too young for this?! (Oof. Don’t answer that.) Make no mistake about it…I’m already mourning the impending start of school for many reasons. The loss of spontaneous travel and family plans for the next 20+ years. The end of our beloved “mommy and me” era. The new safety fears and normal social anxieties that will creep into our lives. The realization that this stage of our life has gone by so fast. But I am also so excited for Eloise. She’s ready to make friends and have new experiences. I know she will blossom as part of this incredible community. Truthfully, I’m excited to become a part of it, too.

So, there’s just one thing to do. Look forward to the good times that are soon to come. And in the meantime, soak up as much of the time we do have together for the next two months. Make every day count. Slow things down before we enter the next phase of our life and hit super speed to an even greater degree. “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” -Dr. Seuss

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*The Warm and Fuzzies. I’ll admit, I walked into the school meeting in a bad mood. It was a race to the finish, getting everyone at home settled and myself ready and out the door. But, as always is the case when I interact with these very special people, I left smiling. My heart felt full of warmth. This community is such a treasure. We are incredibly lucky to be a part of it.

*Beach Day. One day this week, the forecast looked clear.  In the spirit of making this summer count, I told Eloise we could do whatever she wanted to. Making my heart grow twice it’s size, she said, “Go to the beach!” So that’s exactly what we did. We packed a picnic lunch and some sand toys and headed to Montrose. Of course, the forecast was wrong and by the time we got there, it was overcast and threatening a storm. But we still managed to squeeze in a special few hours of building sandcastles and munching on strawberries before the rain hit. I have a beach bum kid. Dream realized.

*Our Hero! Yep, it happened. Teddy Ruxpin…our magical bedtime savior…pooped out this week. Mike and I weren’t surprised…we have been trying to find alternatives for the 30-year-old technology for weeks. None of which Eloise has been the least bit interested in. She was inconsolable. Scrambling ensued. Then Super Mike saved the day. He found a noisy but trusty MP3 of Teddy’s lullabies online, cleaned it up, loaded it onto an ipod, then had a talk with Eloise about how we can still listen to Teddy’s songs, but he’s too old and tired to sing himself any more. “It’s OK. We still love him,” said Eloise. “PHEW! PHEW! PHEW!” said Mommy. Now we have all the benefit of the sweet, soothing songs in a more reliable, better sounding, portable format, and I don’t have to go into Ellie’s room ten times a night to flip a tape. Mike…you’re our hero!

*Jenn and Rashad’s BIG DAY! After months and months of planning and anticipation, Jenn and Rashad’s wedding day is finally here! Mike and I are honored to be capturing it for them and are so excited to be part of the fun tomorrow.