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The Sweet Treat at the End of a Long Week


Oh…this week.  I want a do-over. Things definitely didn’t go as I had planned. Eloise was home all week with a nasty virus. And I, unfortunately, ended up catching a lesser, but still annoying, version of said cold. I feel bad Ellie missed out on holiday fun with her friends at school this week. But the two of us made up for some of it with a weeks worth of pajama days, lots of snuggling and reading Christmas stories, an Octonauts Netflix marathon, a few holiday art projects, and constructing our first ever gingerbread house. So even despite the many black dots this week, there were definitely gold stars shining bright.

Gold Stars 2*Little Sister’s Photo-Op. I was really nervous about our 28-week drs. appointment earlier today. It has been weighing very heavily on me for the past several weeks. Not because of anything to do with this pregnancy, but because the memory of Hannah’s 30-week appointment is still so vivid and terrifying. That was the day we found out things were worse for her than anyone had thought. That she was in danger. Mike had just landed in Iowa for work and immediately tried to fly back to Chicago so we could spend a terrifying week in the hospital while the doctors determined what to do next. It was the beginning of the very worst time of our lives. As much as we remind ourselves on a daily basis that this is a different baby, a very different pregnancy, a different situation altogether…it’s impossible for us to close our minds to the scary possibilities that we know now can and do happen. I’m thrilled to report that, THANK GOD, the littlest sister looked A-OK this morning. We are officially in the third and final trimester. After the holiday, we had better get serious about baby prep!

*The Christmas Pageant that nearly wasn’t. Eloise was so excited for her first ever Christmas pageant last Sunday morning. She and her friends had practiced their songs for weeks and made their costumes. Her preschool class were the shining stars in the play about a little camel who keeps getting lost on his way to greet the baby Jesus in the manger. Unfortunately, Ellie got very nervous the minute we had to leave her with her class in the Church, and our bright, shining star ended up running off the alter crying, totally overwhelmed by the entire experience, after the first number. So I snuggled with her on the sidelines for the remainder of the pageant, where she gustily sang along with the bigger group. Mike and I were very proud of her for being brave and even attempting it when she was that scared. And, most importantly, Ellie was really proud of herself. She hasn’t stopped singing the songs all week!

*Feeling like a master chef without having to actually be one. Anyone else obsessed with the Tasty videos that pop up on Facebook? My feed is full of them. It’s no secret that I am no cook. Although eating is one of my favorite pastimes, I rarely enjoy the practice of cooking or baking. If it’s not frozen or comes easily prepared in a box, I’m just not interested in taking the time. It tends to make me grumpy. But these videos fascinate me. They make creating mozzarella stuffed meatballs and bubbling, cheesy quiche stuffed French baguette look incredibly easy. I’m very tempted to try some of the recipes. Some day. Perhaps. Or maybe I will just continue to watch the videos.