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William the big boy

Suffice it to say that my life had suddenly turned into a frantic comedy of errors right before I was supposed to meet Angela, Brian and William. I was nervous and sweaty and in disbelief by the time I rolled into Montrose Harbor, 45 minutes late. For those of you who know me…this kind of thing doesn’t happen to me very often, if ever.  I hate being late and the thought of making this family, who I have had so much fun with over the past several months, documenting their darling baby boy, sit and wait made me want to cry. Then William saved the day. First of all…I truly can’t believe the changes that have taken place since I last saw him. Wow! He’s like a different kid, crawling everywhere and pulling up…I would be willing to bet he’s walking in no time! He was full of smiles and totally rocked his photos. Darling William…thank you so very much for that. You’re the best. And I can’t thank you enough, Angela and Brian, for your patience and understanding. So glad you stuck it out with me!