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We Love JellyBean Sports!

I’m just going to take a moment to gush. For the past 6 months, Mae and I have been LOVING her JellyBean Sports classes. I can’t say enough about the curriculum and coaching. It’s the perfect way to introduce little ones to a variety of sports, teach them the basics in a fun, kid-friendly way, and keep them running and smiling the entire time. All of the parents in the class are in awe of Coach Speedy. His friendly personality is a magnet for our little ones. Mae (who is a very serious athlete…can’t you tell?!) absolutely adores him, and practices raising her “mano” and shouting “Aquí!” at home like she does during roll call every class. Even Eloise, who is almost 6, loves Coach Speedy and his classes. This class has been such a joy that I decided to bring “my big camera” a few weeks ago to capture some candid moments. Well…my plan backfired, because as soon as the kids saw the camera, they just wanted to mug for it! It was a total distraction…sorry, Coach Speedy! But I did manage to capture some of the sweet moments and smiles that are characteristic of every class.

I love JellyBean Sports so much that I am running a summer promotion for JellyBean families from now through August 31st. Email me at jensoaresphotography@gmail.com and mention “Coach Speedy” to receive your discounted portrait package!