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The Littlest Sister

Family-Pumpkin-PortraitMike and I have some happy news to share with all of you. We are expecting baby girl #3! We are thrilled, but also very nervous, after having lost baby Hannah late term last year. Mike and I will never be able to completely relax or “feel safe” again. But we have taken great comfort in the normalcy of this pregnancy so far, and are reassured that the littlest sister appears to be healthy and growing well. She does not plug the hole left permanently in our hearts by Hannah. She cushions it with love, and surrounds it with hope. She breathes new life into our family and brings happiness to the new path we have found ourselves on. Eloise speaks for us all when she says, gleefully and on a daily basis, “I can’t wait for baby to come! I’m so excited!”

You all know me pretty well by now. Even though I’ve been honest and open about my family’s journey this past year, “going public” with news this personal and emotional was not easy. I’ve been nervous about it. But I also recognize how much love and support we have received from near and far over the past year. How comforting it has been, sharing our story.

Also…my 20-week baby bump is certainly starting to give us away. Awkward!

In all seriousness, Mike and I can’t thank everyone enough for lifting us up when we’ve needed it the most. Thank you for sharing in our happy news, and for tagging along as we take this leap of faith.