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It’s that time once again to focus on the good in life. To realize how blessed we are for the big things we often take for granted as we complain about the petty and unimportant things in our every day.  To stop, breathe and feel the love that surrounds us. To reprioritize and get ready to start fresh next year. It is my favorite time of year, and today I have so very much to be thankful for. For my little girl who is unknowingly everything I ever wanted and continues to blow me away every time she giggles. For my husband who shares my crazy dreams and never hesitates to grab my hand and take a leap. For my parents who have uprooted their lives to be a bigger part of ours this past year. For all of the laughs we have shared because of it. For my sister and new brother-in-law and the fact that they are finally starting their life together. For our Dorey-dog and her beautiful, understanding big brown eyes and sweet, patient interactions with Ellie. For the true friendships that have grown stronger this year and for the new ones just starting out that have caught me by surprise and reminded me to take a break and smile. For my amazing, beautiful, inspiring clients and for the honor of capturing special moments in their lives for them. For the chance to live out my dream life in my dream city…to get to know Chicago on a personal level and dive deeper into the culture than I ever though was possible. For salted-caramel mochas and bundling up for evening walks through the park as the night lights come on. For the warmth and coziness of our home and for the toys we find scatted every which way every night. For the sparkle and joy of the holiday spirit as it makes me feel like a kid again. For the half-baked hopes that inspire, excite and scare me and keep me striving for more. For these things and so much more, I am so blessed.

Wishing everyone a safe, happy, healthy, cozy Thanksgiving holiday.