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SummertimeforwebSummer is already flying by. Every week feels more jam-packed than the last. And even though it’s mostly all good, the daily to-do’s often get overwhelming. Work, travel, activities, two little ones…a constantly churning tornado, and we are IN IT. But, my little family has cleared space in all of the chaos to follow our cardinal rules:

*Don’t waste a sunny day.

*Never pass a carousel without riding it.

*Always, always, always buy peonies when you stumble upon them. (Hello, my sweet Hannah!)

*Smile, laugh, and hug each other with abandon.

*Eating outdoors makes the food taste better.

*When you need to breathe…find a beach! (Thank goodness for Lake Michigan)

*Go barefoot whenever possible.

*Ice-cream can absolutely proceed a meal.

Sometimes I need the reminder to breathe. To get out of my head, and truly appreciate the beautiful moments happening right under my nose as the noise swirls around me.  Today was unexpectedly one of those days. A spontaneous picnic at the Farmer’s Market with the girls after camp and the library. Warm sun, a cool breeze, and Eloise helping Mae toddle around the park…I needed that dose of sweetness today. I hope everyone has a lovely long holiday weekend filled with smiles and sunshine.