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Phew. The past couple of weeks have just been…phew. House hunting, preschool, long nights with Mae, vet appointments, doctors appointments, crazy work schedules, long nights with Mae. What. A. Blur. Last week, all four of us caught a nasty virus and were out for the count. Do you want to hear something truly terrifying? Listen to a barely 2-month-old cough. Not good, guys. Not good. But we are all on the up and up now. Glad to be on the other side of that one. Through the chaos, gold stars are shining through. Like the fact that we avoided a hospital stay with baby Mae for congestion or fever. I’ll chalk that one up as a win. And a few days ago, she gave me an honest-to-goodness smile. Oh! I’ve never been so glad to see a smile before. (She makes us work for them, though! Figures. Photographer’s kid.) Thank God it’s Friday! Have a good weekend, everyone.