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Reed turns ONE!

We thought we might get a half hour out of Reed last weekend, as naptime was looming. However, my little buddy, the top model he is, rose to the occasion and not only made it the entire hour, but gave me his very best smiles to boot. Reed also helped me convince his mom, dad and visiting grandma, none of whom had been planning on being in any of the photos this session, to pose with him for a few shots. I’m so very glad you decided to join in on the fun, Amber, John and Grandma Ann, because those are some of my favorite images from our time together. Reed is just one of the cutest,  sweetest little peanuts around and I loved getting to celebrate his big first birthday with him and his family. It’s hard to believe this little stinker is the same baby whose feeties were photographed in a pretty blue quilt in the NICU as a premee when he wiggled and giggled so much as we tried to capture a similar throw-back shot last weekend. Thanks for a great time, Amber and John! And nice to meet you, Ann!