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I have to admit, I’m not always the most discerning when it comes to ordering prints of my personal photos. Often times, being busy and anxious to display and enjoy my most recent family photos in my home trumps ordering professional-quality prints. To fill a frame or post a snap on my fridge, I sometimes run to Walgreens or Target, or even (gasp!) print from my computer on printer paper. But recently I recognized that while the price difference between my professional prints and those from Walgreens, Snapfish, Target, and Costco is negligible…the quality difference is far from it. I was pretty surprised at the difference between the professional quality (left) and that from Snapfish (right). The Snapfish print is oversaturated and the color is off, where-as the professional print, because my computer is color calibrated to their system, is a much truer representation. Thought I would share for any of you who have ever debated the difference in print sources.