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It’s admittedly getting harder for Mike and I to take our own family photos. Our tripod and remote weren’t going to be any match for the candid family moments I had my heart set on capturing to mark Eloise’s first birthday.  So Mike and I asked our friend (and brilliant photographer) Ingrid of Ingrid Bonne Photography to lend us a hand. Since the view from our labor and delivery suite one year ago had been a gorgeous panorama of Lake Michigan, I really wanted to incorporate the lake and skyline into these shots. Of course, it rained. For the first time in at least a week. Pretty much all day. Starting just as we parked downtown to head over to Ohio Street Beach and Olive Park. Luckily, the storm worked it’s way down to a light drizzle for a good half hour. Just as we were forlornly heading back home to shoot there. Just long enough to change plans and pull over to Montrose Harbor and have Ing work her magic. And that she did. Ingrid…you’re brilliant. These photos are exactly what I dreamed of and we just can’t thank you enough for making Ellie’s first birthday even more special. We had such a blast with you and will treasure these memories always.

As an aside, I had a completely different song picked out for this slideshow. But Eloise heard this one and started bouncing around and smiling…so this one’s “for you,” baby girl.