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Linden and Hadley in Millennium Park

I always enjoy spending time with these girls. This past session, Linden had a brand new trick for me. “So what are you learning in school, these days?” I asked, expecting to hear her answer letters and numbers and the like. “French,” she said, matter-of-factly. Wow. Of course, we had to test it out. “Bonjour,” said Linden, “Ca Va?” “Bien, merci,” I stuttered, trying hard to remember my high school classes. My French is, to coin one of Linden’s favorite catch phrases,  “com ce, com ca,” at best.  I’m always tickled by this little one, so this was kind of par for the Linden course. Hadley was also on her game last week, too. Normally just a tad skeptical of me and my antics, she was all smiles and effortlessly showed up some mad walking skills. Hadley is a daredevil and wants to try everything that her big sister does. It’s really fun to watch her grow up. As always, thanks for a fun time, Lynsey and Peter!