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Happy Birthday Becky!


 “I could never love anyone as I love my sister.”

I modified Lousia May’s quote ever so slightly, as I only have one sister…but the sentiment is completely applicable. She’s the Amy to my Jo, my 3-years-younger twin. The older we get (I know, I know…let’s not mention age on a birthday!), the luckier I feel to have been blessed with a sister. I am so thankful for her unwavering loyalty, friendship, love, and support. I couldn’t be prouder of everything she has accomplished, and I’m excited for all of the wonderful and exciting things yet to come in her life. I’ll always be your biggest fan, Becky Soares. Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow. Remember that no matter how much older you get, you’ll always be our Baby Bird. I’m so sad we can’t be there to partake in the annual shopping/eating extravaganza that is Soares family birthday tradition, but I am already counting down the days until we can all be together again for the holidays. And looking through these old photos of stinky London phone booths and gorgeous glaciers makes it obvious we are due for a big family vacation soon! Love you and miss you, seester.