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Eloise: The 7 Month Old Wonder

How is our baby girl already 7 months old? That can’t even be possible. Eloise continues to blow us away every single day. She seems to be growing and changing overnight these days, and all of her new skills have suddenly become our biggest sources of joy in life. Her new trick is to wave hello and goodbye to people (and to Dorey and to herself, in the mirror!) Neither Mike nor I taught her that…she just started doing it one day. But she’ll do it on command and that tickles us pink. Ellie is also sitting up on her own. We totally skipped tripod sitting (she never understood that concept, as her hands are always otherwise occupied, holding toys or grabbing at something) and are now reclining in style like a big girl. Unbelievable. One of my favorite parts of this age (my absolute favorite so far!) has been watching our daughter’s personality shine through. Eloise is developing distinct preferences. She likes pureed bananas and carrots, a sparkly purple butterfly toy and blowing raspberries. She’s not mobile yet, but wants to be. Ellie is mastering the art of inching and scooting around. It’s still disconcerting for me to find her in her crib in the morning, facing the opposite direction from how I put her down at night. Mike and I are in trouble now!

Celeste Soares - March 5, 2013 - 7:08 am

ADORABLE! I miss her so much when I am in Ohio. I’m coming soon, Little Girlie! Vovo