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Eleanor, Lila, and Cricket at Columbus Park Refectory

THESE GUYS! It’s always amazing to catch up with Sarah, Eric, Eleanor, Lila, and their adorable pup, Cricket. This year, thanks to expert scouting by Sarah and Eleanor, we explored Columbus Park Refectory together on a gorgeous, bright, cool morning. What a beautiful place! We had a lot of laughs as the girls climbed trees, skipped, hugged, and mugged for my camera. Top models, per usual. Just stop growing up so fast, ladies, OK?  (You ignored my request from last year, and you’ve grown so much!) You’re going to be taller than me next year, and I don’t think I can handle it. I swear you were infants just a second ago! I should also note that Cricket was a top model, as well…always “smiling” right at the camera, and crying every time we didn’t include her in a shot. You guys are the best…thanks for another fantastic session!