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I’m not going to lie. Finding an indoor public location to use for a shoot in the city isn’t an easy task. Permits need to be obtained, 99% of the time, at least 14 days in advance of the session and, most times, the fees are significant. And, even once all of that gets squared away, there are crowds to deal with. Last Friday, we lucked out on both accounts. The Field Museum, while not offering a ton of variety, doesn’t charge for a photo permit and it was a light day, crowd-wise, in the lobby. It also helped that I had some extremely accommodating little cousins to work with that day. Jack, Wyatt, Emilia and Max are all just adorable and love spending time together. So do their parents, which I think is just so cool. Thanks for sticking with me, Lisa, John, Elizabeth, Nate, Jenny and Keith!