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Ben and Molly in Lincoln Park

Ben and Molly Blog-1Love these guys! I knew I was in for a good time last Saturday morning when we met up in Lincoln Park. Ben and Molly are two of my all-time favorites. Time with them is all smiles and laughter. They definitely brought their A-game, giving me their best top-model smiles and poses with the promise of a bag full of yummy Farmer’s Market donuts as a post-shoot reward. (“Do it for the donuts!”) After a rain delay of about a week (Oh, Chicago. You’re so consistent with your unpredictable weather.), we took a chance on an overcast morning…and it totally paid off. The light was soft and beautiful. Perfect to pop the skyline and colors all around us. And it didn’t start to rain until about a half hour after we wrapped our session! How about that for luck and timing? Katy and Jason, it was fantastic to see you all again. I missed you guys! This set of photos makes my heart happy. I am already very excited for our Union Pier adventure coming up in July.

Ben and Molly Blog-002Ben and Molly Blog-003Ben and Molly Blog-004Ben and Molly Blog-005Ben and Molly Blog-006Ben and Molly Blog-007Ben and Molly Blog-008Ben and Molly Blog-009Ben and Molly Blog-010Ben and Molly Blog-011Ben and Molly Blog-012Ben and Molly Blog-013Ben and Molly Blog-014Ben and Molly Blog-015Ben and Molly Blog-016Ben and Molly Blog-017Ben and Molly Blog-018Ben and Molly Blog-019Ben and Molly Blog-020Ben and Molly Blog-021Ben and Molly Blog-022Ben and Molly Blog-023