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Ben and Molly

It was my birthday last Saturday. Katy, Jason, Ben, and Molly helped me kick off the day just right with a very fun session on the Riverwalk. Anyone who lives in Chicagoland knows that the weather has been insane this Fall, but I’d say we lucked out: dry with pretty overcast light, and not TOO cold if we kept moving. And it was easy to keep moving in this location, one of my favorites to shoot in. Everywhere you look is a picture. It’s a love story to Chicago every time I am there, and I just can’t get enough of these pictures. One of my all-time favorite families in front of one of my all-time favorite backdrops. The kids have grown so much in the year since I last saw them for photos. Ben is every bit as tall as me now (not a hard standard to beat, but considering he was just a tot when I first met him…that’s a trippy realization!), and Molly’s not far off. They held onto their titles as two of the best models around. Thanks for introducting me to Doughnut Vault afterwards, too, guys! You weren’t kidding…those might be my new favorites. I had the best time catching up with you four…thanks again for such a great time!