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Monthly Archives: September 2016


  Really? Tin? Ten years of marriage…and it’s our TIN anniversary? I feel like way too much life has been lived for us to be represented by tin today. And, yes, on the morning of our ten year anniversary…that’s what I am coming up with. Tin. I’ve been sifting through a million quotes online, and perusing […]

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Oh my goodness…this little face! William is just darling, and he did a wonderful job posing for me both at his house and on the nearby 606. It was so much fun taking photos of another 6 month old, and dishing with his parents about the joys and frustrations of life with a newborn. Thanks so […]

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Slowing it down

Life has been a blur since February 27. Baby Mae arrived, we moved, summer reached its stride, home renovations started, I blinked…and suddenly, unbelievably, the baby is 6 months old, summer is over, school has started, we are wrapping up nearly two months of reno projects this week, JSP’s busy season is in full swing, the air is […]

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